Size optimization (WAS: Re: FORTIFY_SOURCE for the kernel)

David Nielsen gnomeuser at
Mon Jan 23 19:15:26 UTC 2006

man, 23 01 2006 kl. 10:57 -0800, skrev Toshio Kuratomi:
> On Mon, 2006-01-23 at 19:31 +0100, David Nielsen wrote:
> > man, 23 01 2006 kl. 18:59 +0100, skrev Ralf Corsepius:
> > 
> > > I guess you have benchmarking code to prove this claim to upstream? ;)
> > 
> > Well you're in luck some already did, I found this research paper a
> > while back - I took the liberty of putting it on my website hopefully
> > I'm not in violation of anything by doing so.
> > 
> >
> > 
> > I hope that provides a bit of usable data, at least we could use the
> > methodology to repeated the test for the FC6 cycle.
> Interesting read.  The big unanswered question seems to be: how does
> this affect the performance of a running application?  Does mozilla take
> longer or shorter amounts of time to run once the application loads?  Do
> smaller apps benefit less from the optimizations than larger ones?
> Could dogtail be used to give predictable "user input" to GUI
> applications or is the speed variable there as well?

I assume a clever combination of systemtap and dogtail might could give
us a good automated tool for testing a few common scenerios - we just
need someone clever to write it.

So who wants a thankless job that's probably both hard and prone to
causing methodology flamewars?

- David

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