X11 performance, rawhide vs. FC4 (including hard numbers)

Jan Knutar shadowjksp at yahoo.se
Mon Jan 23 19:41:53 UTC 2006

Ralf Ertzinger wrote:

> Uuh, I do not have a radeon available, just a Rage128 and a
> GeForce2MX.

I had a peek at MPlayer sourcecode, and it seems the Vidix
drivers (direct hardware access from MPlayer) may support
Rage128 (radeon_vid) and GF2MX (nvidia_vid).

To get some comparative benchmarks, timing something like:

mplayer test.file -ac null -ao null -vo xvidix -benchmark -frames 10000


mplayer test.file -ac null -ao null -vo xv -benchmark -frames 10000

and also

mplayer test,file -ac null -ao null -vo x11 -benchmark -frames 10000

Would be especially interesting to see if x11 has also become slower,
and how performance compares against xvidix.

It's probably easiest to just be root for testing xvidix, as MPlayer
needs access to the hardware.

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