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D Canfield canfield at
Mon Jan 23 22:40:00 UTC 2006

Chuck Anderson wrote:
> On Mon, Jan 23, 2006 at 03:24:56PM -0500, sean wrote:
>> Fedora Linux doesn't sound so bad and I think the concern that this will
>> cause future problems is actually overblown.  In fact it will probably
>> help in the future differenciate which port someone is using.  On top of
>> which, the people who eventually port it to another OS will probably want
>> to highlight their achievment anyway by calling it Fedora Solaris 
>> or Fedora Windows etc...   Lets not try to be so farsightedly 
>> accomodating that we can't call it a Linux system today.
> Linux is only one component of the whole system, so it is as absurd to 
> call it "Fedora Linux" as it would be to call it "Fedora Xorg" or 
> "Fedora GNOME".  A very large percentage of software in Fedora is 
> GPL-licensed, so maybe "Fedora GNU" would be appropriate...
> /me prepares to put on asbestos suit
Far more people recognize what a Linux is, compared to an Xorg, a GNOME, 
or a GNU.  If I'm a manager or a user and I'm looking for Linux 
products, why would I even look twice at The Fedora Core Operating 
System Project, even if that's the most descriptive and accurate name we 
come up with?  I honestly believe that the reason "Linux" gained 
momentum when BSD & GNU had been doing the same thing for years is the 
fact that it had a decent name and a good background story.  To be a 
real cynic, those other guys blew their chance to gain name recognition 
years ago.  Linux is the name that both the press and the users know, so 
if we have even the slightest clue in approaching the marketing, we need 
both Fedora & Linux in the "common" name, which should also not be 157 
characters long.


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