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sean seanlkml at
Tue Jan 24 17:42:29 UTC 2006

On Tue, 24 Jan 2006 22:43:01 +0530
Rahul Sundaram <sundaram at> wrote:

> Not sure we want to take sides in the great GNU/Linux vs Linux debate. 
> Thats as good as taking sides in the Vi vs Emacs or KDE vs GNOME (ie) 
> lot of useless frustration.

For better or worse when the non initiated venture into our little world 
they do so looking to see what "Linux" is about; not "GNU/Linux".   Most 
won't have a clue what "Fedora" is.   We should not be so politically 
correct that  we can't use reasonable terms that help describe what 
Fedora actually is.

> We kind of have to plan for the future a bit now and then.

Sorry, this isn't planning for the future.   This is mistakenly 
thinking you're planning for the future at the expense of being
less clear today.


P.S.  The correct answer for the other debates are.. 
      Vi and Gnome respectively ;o)

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