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On Monday 23 January 2006 06:51pm, Horst von Brand wrote:
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> If you want Windows with all its brokeness, you know where to find it...
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Well, since you unceremoniously snipped off the rest of my message, perhaps 
you did not read it:

I said that I personally would never want nor would activate a feature that 
modified the behavior of rm like this.  I also said that I though it would be 
a good idea to provide a *user space* solution to this; a command that people 
can use *instead of* rm for when they want reversible file deletion (and I 
think it should otherwise behave as closely to rm as possible).

It seems illogical to me, Captain, to have the system behave differently just 
because you are using a different interface, especially for so basic a 
function as deletion.

Our desktop environments have a trashcan feature that most "Joe User" 's use.  
This bites them when they run rm because they don't understand the 

Yes, I know this is a user education issue.  But that's no solution.

What is wrong with an *optional*, *additional*, *separate* command that 
behaves (as) exactly like rm (as possible) except for being reversible?
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