New /etc/services for testing available

Dennis Gilmore dennis at
Tue Jan 24 20:34:34 UTC 2006

On Tuesday 24 January 2006 13:54, Phil Knirsch wrote:
> Just dump it as a replacement in /etc (maybe making a copy of the old
> /etc/services first, but shouldn't be necessary as the first part of the
> file is identical to our old one).
> I'd especially like to get some feedback from people using it on network
> servers or monitoring machines where apps like nmap, tcpdump and
> ethereral are run. My main interest is if any errors pop up and if
> anyone gets performance problems (because for worst case scenarios it
> can now take up to 15 times as long for getservbyname() to complete).
> Thanks in advance,

I just ran an nmap of my network with the new file in /etc/services  i scanned 
a /24 subnet  with 110 hosts in 310 seconds

a scan from october last year took  111 seconds with 105 hosts

i didint notice any errors in the scan


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