RFE: Retire Fedora Core 4 only _after_ FC6 has been released.

Pedro Lamarão pedro.lamarao at mndfck.org
Tue Jan 24 23:52:42 UTC 2006

Ralf Corsepius wrote:

> That's not the impression you communicate and how it is perceived by the
> community. At least to my knowledge, all packages in FC are 100% under
> RH control and decisions on which packages to include into FC are taking
> without contacting or communicating them to the community (I am still
> waiting on an explanation wrt. the sudden introduction of Mono).

Well, I'm also part of this community and I don't really get where this
"Red Hat owns it all" idea comes from. I regularly read the development
list and decisions about this and that are always receving feedback, and
begin more or less redirected by such feedback, from the community.

If by "Red hat owns it all" you mean "Red Hat owns the servers all",
well, the other day I was reading about the Fedora Extras build system
and was quite impressed.

I remember when Fedora Extras didn't event exist and people cried with
torches and forks, "My GOD, Red Hat owns it all". Now we have Extras,
people have write access, and, well.

And, the development process being super or not at all open, please
don't expect you to be "in" it if you're not truly "in" it. I imagine
users in the glibc-devel list demanding explanations for the next
system-level weird change "suddenly" introduced by a developer. If you
want "in", ask explicitly: I want to be in, prety please?

(I absolutely don't mean things shouldn't be explained. Explanations are
always nice.)

 Pedro Lamarão

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