Compiling pcmcia drivers...

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Version 0.15 (which is the version in the kernel) still has some issues with
specific orinoco type cards. Certain cards return/require a specific header
when doing scan or rfmon (see for example:

Applying this patch to kernel source doesn't work. But I also noticed that
there are other certain incompatibilities as welll that are addressed in the
Agere source. Ok so I am being a little finky ;) but this is also in a sense
a test of what (I am personallY) able to achieve in Linux (learn as you

I will try the hostap drivers to see if that helps.

I am still curious to know though how it is possible to compile a pcmcia
driver that requires the use of pcmcia-cs source for compilitation...



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On Tue, 2006-01-31 at 06:56 +0100, Thomas Fischer wrote:
> Yes that would be an opinion if the orinoco driver actually fully
> the complete set of instructions that Agere provide.
> Even with the integration of the latest orinoco version, the current
> is not able to support scanning and doesn't support wpa_supplicant...

Upstream Orinoco has supported scanning for quite a while.  Dave Jones
merged that support into the upstream kernel sometime around 2.6.14.
Furthermore, if you really want _everything_ that the orinoco has to
offer, don't use the 'orinoco' driver, use the 'hostap' driver in recent
kernels.  That supports both Master mode _and_ wpa_supplicant.  In fact,
if I plug in my WaveLAN card, hostap seems to be the default driver
anyway, not orinoco.

What other bits are missing that aren't provided by hostap?

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