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Re: new s-c-soundcard in rawhide

Bill Nottingham wrote:
Martin Stransky (stransky redhat com) said:
Hello guys,

there is a new version of s-c-s in rawhide (2.0.0). It has some new features like new GUI, proc&HAL detection, driver reloading and card ordering.

I'll be happy for any feedback and/or BZ entries.


The sound test failed when I had rhythmbox running.

Do you think it's a bug?

Aside from that, the usage model seems very strange.

1) I'm supposed to pick a PCM device and know what the difference is
Intel 82801DB-ICH4
   Intel 82801DB-ICH4 - MIC ADC
   Intel 82801DB-ICH4 - MIC2 ADC
   Intel 82801DB-ICH4 - ADC2
   Intel 82801DB-ICH4 - IEC958
intuitively? (Moreover, I'm asked to do this in two different places.)

These names depend on driver writer, if you don't know just use the default. Optionally I can move it to some "advanced" settings.

3) How is the user supposed to know whether to use kudzu, /proc, or HAL
   detection? Why are they even *given* a choice???

I'm failing to see what sort of usage case this is solving. Surely this
should all just work?

It's because:

kudzu detects only internal cards (kudzu doesn't detect USB cards well), but it works even if you don't have loaded drivers. So you can reload drivers for your card if something bad happens, you have ISA card and so on.

Proc detects all cards fine, but it isn't "preferred" and works only when drivers are succesfully loaded.

HAL detects only cards with correct /sys entries (so it doesn't detect SB 7.1 on my box) so drivers must be loaded. But it detects USB devices fine.

So, when HAL detects all devices fine, I'll remove proc&kudzu.

> 2) I can choose to have no default audio card. Not sure that makes sense.

It's related to detection, if your card isn't detected any way (kudzu/HAL) but is there, I'm not going to screw up your config file and I'll leave it as it is.

(I note we have a completely different Sound preference anyway, which is
somewhat simpler.)

I've never heard anything about "Sound preference", so if there is something like that can I read it somewhere?


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