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Re: groupware for Fedora

On Jul 3, 2006, at 09:42, Erwin Rol wrote:
Build instructions are also available, SOPE:
and OGo:

Those do not work for you on a supported platform??? (i.e. not 64bit)
If not, please provide feedback! (feedback opengroupware org or one
of the mailing lists)

As explained in the other mail, its not the RPM's provided by OGo but
building the SRPM's in a Fedora compatible way.

The instructions above are for tarballs, not for RPMs. And together with the existing specfiles it should be reasonably easy to produce a set of Fedora compatible specs (in fact you only need to strip out the generic $(var) stuff in the specfiles and you should be done).

(probably this is what Axel did?, I didn't know about it :-)

On 64bit the number of compiler warnings is just scary, it is very
unlikely that they are all harmless.

As mentioned again and again OGo is not (yet) ported to 64bit ;-) This is probably not a hard task, but needs to be done (and yes you are right, those warnings must be fixed for that ;-)

BTW stuff like that (those are the majority of the warnings when compiling with gcc 4.1 on 32bit):

NGLdapAttribute.m:66: warning: pointer type mismatch in conditional expression

are in fact harmless. Its due to a small bug in the GCC type checker.
(but there are probably others on 64bit which are problematic)

Axel wrote:
Since it is very unlikely that OGo and friends get into FC, should we
move this discussion to fedora-extras?

Thats probably a good idea ;-)

Helge Hess

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