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Re: FC6 Test1 on Core Duo

Peter Robinson wrote:
Hi All,

I've just got a new Dell D620 notebook and was going to load it up
with Test1 as I think it'll better support the hardware as it's a Core
Duo with the Intel 945 chipset, widescreen, Intel ABG wireless etc.

So I went to grab a ISO off a mirror somewhere only to find none. So
are they available or is it all yum with network installs for the test
release? If so is there a boot ISO to get the process rolling or am I
better off starting with a FC5 install and dealing with any of the
video issues wrt to the widescreen etc? I've run rawhide numerous
times before so it's not real issue but I suspect the hardware support
in rawhide for the Core Duo platform will probably be better than that
of FC5? Opinions?


not all mirros have test iso but the are in test/5.90/ARCH/iso
if you want the dvd you will need to access this via ftp :

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