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Locating a MIDI device file?

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Hello all,

I'm working on some code to manage MIDI sysex messages for my
electronic drums and while I have no problem talking to my drum
controller, I'm having to hard-code the device file for the midi
controller. I'm using an Edirol USB to MIDI device and I'm absolutely
certain that if I changed my configuration, I'd have to move from
/dev/snd/midi2 to something else  :) .

I'm working on a function called find_midi_device() that returns the
path to a midi device file and was wondering if anyone has done this
and had any pointers for using HAL/D-Bus?

Yes, I realize that eventually I'll have to handle multiple MIDI
controllers, but for now I just want to deal with the one. Once I get
a path, I'll have to open it, and iterate through the sysex channels
with sysex identify messages, looking for devices I support. So I'll
save the multiple MIDI controllers for later...

Anyway, I'm reading the docs links on HAL and D-Bus, but pointers to
API's and/or example code would be greatly appreciated.

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