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Re: FC6 Test1 on Core Duo

>> I've just got a new Dell D620 notebook and was going to load it up
>> with Test1 as I think it'll better support the hardware as it's a Core
>> Duo with the Intel 945 chipset, widescreen, Intel ABG wireless etc.
> FWIW, and just in case you'd be happier with FC5 than FC6T1
> I have various i945 machines, and a Dell laptop with widescreen LCD and
> 2195ABG Wifi all happilly running on FC5

I'm not having any luck with suspend on the D620.

I also needed to use FC6T1 to get the i810 driver to work with X.

Well I have it all up and running now. Few issues with the X config
still and no wireless but other than that all seems to be working
fairly well.

Does anyone know if theres a rpm with the i810 modesetting test
driver, or alternatively can give me the commands to check the branch
out of the git repo. I use the following commands:
git clone git://git.freedesktop.org/git/xorg/driver/xf86-video-intel
git branch modesetting
git pull

But there seems to be conflicts between the different branches. I
don't care about the mainline branch and how it conflicts with the
modesetting branch as I just want to use it to compile up a driver to
fix the issues that my 1440X900 screen is sitting there doing

Other than the usual evolution with evolution-connector isn't working
or crashing after 5 minutes it all looks pretty sweet!


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