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Re: Moving gkrellm to Extras?

Karsten Hopp wrote:
>> Bill Nottingham wrote:
>>> Hans de Goede (j w r degoede hhs nl) said: 
>>>> Hi,
>>>> Some time ago there was mention of moving gkrellm to Extras in the
>>>> Moving ImageMagick to Extras thread.
>>>> I volunteered to maintain gkrellm and put it through the review process.
>>>> But I've had no response sofar. Does this mean gkrelmm is going to stay
>>>> in Core? Thats fine with me too.
>>> I'm ok with it in Extras from a logical point of view, leaving aside
>>> any maintainership/review issues.
>> It doesn't really matter much to me, it seems well taken care of in
>> Core, but as said if the maintainer wants to get his hands free for
>> something else, then I'm game.
> It is a really low maintenance package, but I have no objections against
> moving it to Extras. It's yours if you'd like to have it.


I think I'll take it then, mainly because I'm currently working
(together with upstream) in getting better lm_sensors support into
gkrellm, basicly make it use libsensors (and thus obey
/etc/sensors.conf) instead of doing things itself.

You probably do not know this but I wrote an lm_sensors driver for the
uGuru chip found on Abit motherboards, so I'm getting sort of intimate
with sensors stuff.

So if you could please not upgrade gkrellm in Core anymore then I'll
create 2 packages (gkrellm & gkrellm-wireless) with a higher E-V-R and
submit them to Extras, once they are build I'll send you mail requesting
the removal of the then older versions from Core. Agreed?

This may take some time though since I'm going away on holliday for a
week next week and I doubt I'll have time for this this weekend.



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