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Re: DejaVu fonts for Fedora Core 6 feedback call

Il giorno mer, 05/07/2006 alle 21.04 +0200, Nicolas Mailhot ha scritto:
> Le mercredi 05 juillet 2006 à 20:44 +0200, Mario Pascucci a écrit :
> Thank you for taking the time to test the font

Now it's my default font, even for Gvim. :-D

> > Tested on Fedora Core 4, LCD display (16:9 aspect), with full subpixel
> > antialias, locale it_IT.
> > All italian alphabet looks very good.
> > 
> > In my display all Dejavu Sans fonts seems to be stretched (enlarged) a
> > little in the horizontal size (this not happens with standard fonts). 
> > 
> > May be related with 16:9 aspect?
> might be interesting to compare xdpyinfo output with the real screen
> size and the dpi forced by the gnome font properties app.

the screen is 305x185mm
xpyinfo reports it as 301x181mm 108dpix108dpi
gnome-font-properties says 96 dpi (subpixel and full hinting)

> You may have a mismatch somewhere - though it should affect all fonts
> the same way.

Dejavu sans condensed is equivalent in size to default Sans font. With
Dejavu sans the text is more or less 10% wider than default Sans, with
same vertical size.

Probably I'm the only one in the world with this strange behavior... ;-)


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