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Re: DejaVu fonts for Fedora Core 6 feedback call

Nicolas Mailhot wrote:
Le Mer 5 juillet 2006 08:37, dragoran a écrit :

I tryed it but for me the default font used in apps (FC5) looks better
and is easier to read...
the new fonts look to 'thin' and are harder to read because of this ..
1) I am using a TFT with a german locale + no subpixel AA, but greyscale
2) I have recompiled the freetypelib with the bytecode interpretter

I seem to remember the bytecode interpreter makes DejaVu lighter (and
users of proprietary systems prefer it this way). Can you try it with the
default fedora freetype ?

I've opened the following ticket. Feel free to complete it

this is marked as wontfix :(
using no bytecode interpreter makes other fonts (the ms stuff used on most webpages looks very(!!) ugly what about a dejavu-fonts-bytecodeinterpreter package with fixed fonts for bytecode interpretter users?

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