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Source file consolidation on CVS

I'll be working to consolidate some of the source files on the CVS box
over the next couple of days.   Pay attention and let me know
immediately if something breaks.  I don't foresee any issues.  Right
now legacy, cvs, and dist all have individual sources in them.  The
sources are stored by file name and md5sum, for example:


A collision between the different trees is unlikely.  The purpose for
this consolidation is to ease the efforts of the legacy team and
provide them a proper development and build environment.  In the end a
source tarball is a source tarball, it makes sense to store them in
one spot.  Currently the dist repo is 73G and the extras repo is 12G.
It seems a shame to make a copy of all of that when the exact same
files would be a directory away.

Send objections, comments, suggestions and consecutive unmarked-bills my way.


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