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Re: Announcing Fedora Core 6 Test 1 (5.90)

On Wed, 2006-06-21 at 10:04 -0600, Steve Lindemann wrote:

> just a lurker without resources to participate... but...
> we don't much care about i586, but support for sparc would be really nice. 
>   We have some old e450's (and some others) we'd like to put to use without 
> going back and forth between OS's....  I know it's a pipe dream, but ya 
> gotta have a dream of some kind  8^)

Better late than never...

Come check out Aurora Linux (Fedora for SPARC). We're a little behind
Fedora (our current release is FC-3 based), but we're picking up steam,
and it should work on your E450s.


Tom "spot" Callaway: Red Hat Technical Team Lead || GPG ID: 93054260
Fedora Extras Steering Committee Member (RPM Standards and Practices)
Aurora Linux Project Leader: http://auroralinux.org
Lemurs, llamas, and sparcs, oh my!

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