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Re: bugzilla unwell?

> On Friday 07 July 2006 04:14, nodata wrote:
>> AGAIN! Incredible. You think they'd learn. I'll file a bug when it works
>> again.
> Again what?  The last bugzilla outage was due to double disk failure, not
> running out of disk space.

Hi Jesse,

The aim of my message was to draw attention to bugzilla's yearly disk
problem, whether it be failure or full disk, so that some nice person at
Red Hat could prevent or guard againt it happening in future.

Everyone wants to use a bugzilla that's up, so we can keep reporting bugs.
Bugzilla not being up is an annoyance, so it's in people's interests, loud
and quiet, for it to work.

> Running out of space is sometimes unavoidable
> if
> something spins out of control and fills it all at once.  Yes
> notifications
> are possible, and probably already made, but it may have been too late.

These two sentences don't give us any information, because you've avoided
saying whether:

i) "something" _did_ spin out of control
ii) notifications _did_ happen
iii) whether (if the notification was made) it was already too late.

> So
> I'm not quite sure what we're supposed to "learn" here, but thanks for
> your
> input.

No problem, nice to see a friendly response.

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