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Re: bugzilla unwell?

On Friday 07 July 2006 09:15, nodata wrote:
> These two sentences don't give us any information, because you've avoided
> saying whether:
> i) "something" _did_ spin out of control
> ii) notifications _did_ happen
> iii) whether (if the notification was made) it was already too late.

I avoided it because I do not have first hand knowledge of WHY it ran out or 
IF notifications went out.  However I _DO_ know that the sysadmins do get 
notices when I start filling up disk space with Fedora trees, so they're 
usually on top of space overages.

> > So
> > I'm not quite sure what we're supposed to "learn" here, but thanks for
> > your
> > input.
> No problem, nice to see a friendly response.

Sometimes it is hard to stay friendly when being collectively called an idiot.  
And while we're going back and forth, look!  Bugzilla is back!  Crisis 

Jesse Keating
Release Engineer: Fedora

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