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Re: Moving gkrellm to Extras?

Hans de Goede wrote:
> Ok,
> I think I'll take it then, mainly because I'm currently working
> (together with upstream) in getting better lm_sensors support into
> gkrellm, basicly make it use libsensors (and thus obey
> /etc/sensors.conf) instead of doing things itself.
> You probably do not know this but I wrote an lm_sensors driver for the
> uGuru chip found on Abit motherboards, so I'm getting sort of intimate
> with sensors stuff.
> So if you could please not upgrade gkrellm in Core anymore then I'll
> create 2 packages (gkrellm & gkrellm-wireless) with a higher E-V-R and
> submit them to Extras, once they are build I'll send you mail requesting
> the removal of the then older versions from Core. Agreed?
> This may take some time though since I'm going away on holliday for a
> week next week and I doubt I'll have time for this this weekend.

Well I did find time for this, so here we are 2 review requests for FE,
one for gkrellm and one for gkrellm-wifi:

Karsten, can you take a look if I didn't screw anything up?

Thanks & Regards,


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