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Re: OOo documents look different

Στις 10-07-2006, ημέρα Δευ, και ώρα 14:30 +0530, ο/η Rahul έγραψε:
> Caolan McNamara wrote:
> > For completeness, what differentiates Fedora OOo from "stock" OOo in
> > this area, is that we immediately ask fontconfig what is the best
> > replacement font when the original font is not found. Stock OOo contains
> > it's own list of guess work to fallback through. 
> Do we have a list of differences in the Fedora OO.o from upstream OO.o?

It would also be good to see test documents that demonstrate the issue.

I have noticed in some situations when you have text in different
styles, in a font like Arial, in a Doc file:
they overlap each other. 
Fontconfig substitutes correctly Aria to the system font in Linux, but
it displays it erroneously.
When you manually set the three segments above to the Linux font, they
are shown well (very well).

We need minimal test documents.


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