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Re: 2 years later... backups

Krzysztof Halasa wrote:
Roberto Ragusa <mail robertoragusa it> writes:

One day I decided to remove some old backups by launching
an rm command for each snapshot directory in parallel.
I then realized that there were more than 1000 directories,
and the total number of files to be deleted was around
100 million.
It took some time, but everything went fine; not a bad
stress test for the machine (reiserfs/LVM2/nv_sata)
I had never seen a load average above 1000 until then.

There is only one thing I'd like to improve: renamed
or moved files are seen as new files and are not hardlinked.
I didn't try if "--fuzzy" works for hardlinking too.

I have put my "just another backup solution" on
Probably someone would find it useful.

Interested in maintaining this for Fedora Extras?


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