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Re: OOo documents look different

Le mardi 11 juillet 2006 à 01:38 +0200, Erwin Rol a écrit :

> > Hypothetically, if OOo in FC5 rendered differently than on Windows, would
> > you consider it a bug or a problem if it were changed for FC6 to render
> > closer (even identical) to Windows but this made it different from FC5
> > and earlier?
> I see a WYSIWYG word processor like a painting program. When I create a
> painting with gimp, I expect it to look the same when I open it with
> photoshop. Of course there might be tiny difference like photoshop might
> use another JPG decoder and so maybe some pixels have a bit of a
> difference. If i would not want this i should use another picture
> format. The same with word processors, there might be some tiny
> differences in how the font is rendered, but not like now that one page
> fits about 5 lines less (that are than move to the next page). 

An office document is not a bitmap and the WYSIWYG part has always been
more a best effort thing than a hard commitment.

An office document is a set of construction rules. This is why you have
individual hight-level components (characters) you can change later. Try
that with a jpg where pixels are frozen and shapes are not shapes you
can manipulate but collections of pixels.

Nicolas Mailhot

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