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Re: Help on reproducing potential yum bug

On 7/13/06, Rahul <sundaram fedoraproject org> wrote:


I have seen several complaints about the above issue but it seems Yum
developers havent been able to reproduce it. My system that I had this
issue on myself has been replaced with FC5 running a devel version of
Yum where I havent been able to reproduce it.

I have had this happen to me several times. I don't see why the
developers haven't been able to reproduce it, since it's clearly in
the source code (__init__.py). Perhaps this problem does not exist in
the devel version you are using. Code shown below is from
yum-2.6.1-0.fc5. The bug reporter was using yum-2.6.0-1.

   def runTransaction(self, cb):
       """takes an rpm callback object, performs the transaction"""
       if errors:
           raise Errors.YumBaseError, errors

       if not self.conf.keepcache:
   def cleanPackages(self):
       for repo in self.repos.listEnabled():
           path = repo.pkgdir
           filelist = misc.getFileList(path, ext, filelist)

       for pkg in filelist:

In other words, any successful transaction calls cleanPackages and
cleanHeaders, which in turn unlink every file in the 'pkgdir's and
'hdrdir's respectively.

I'll put this in a comment on the bug report.


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