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Re: rawhide report: 20060716 changes

jkeating redhat com (Jesse Keating) writes:

>> When someone does a update, and somehow stops this by CTRL-c (or a
>> system shutdown would probably have the same result) yum will not
>> recover cleanly, and cleaning up the mess after it needs way more
>> knowledge than the average user (needs to) have.
> yum-cleanup -d
> removes dupes. From yum-utils.

afaik, 'package-cleanup -d' lists dups only but does not remove them.

> Note: Your system will be just as unhappy if you drop power or
> whathaveyou in the middle of a long RPM transaction.  In fact,
> that's what you are doing.  Yum has little to do with this.

afaik, smart splits transaction into sub-transactions so that e.g.

| install A-new
| install B-new   ; B depends on A
| remove  B-old
| remove  A-old
| install C-new
| remove  C-old
| install D-new
| remove  D-new

sequences are possible. This does not remove possibility of dups
completely but reduces it significantly resp. the counts of dups.


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