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SD cards & azureus

I noticed two glitches in FC5 the other day which strike me as strategic issues, something a little more than I want to pursue upstream, because these are about how applications work together.

* I noticed that Azureus grabs /dev/dsp; that's really not helpful for an application that might run for days or weeks in the background. It seems that Azureus can play an audio clip when something is done downloading. My short term answer was to have another process grab /dev/dsp while I was starting azureus; if I were going to push a request upstream, I'd ask that they only grab /dev/dsp when they are playing the tone, but I don't really know how much flexibility you have working with the Java APIs they use. In general, it's part of the "doesn't quite work" audio problem that applications don't play nicely together.

* Mounting a secure digital card from my digital camera over a USB 2.0 connection works beautifully on my FC5 box. The folder appears on the desktop almost instantly, and downloads and deletions are an order of magnitude faster than they are on my mac. The trouble is when I try to unmount -- I'd try to unmount the filesystem by using the right-click in Nautilus, and I'd be told that the filesystem was busy.

I ran lsof and found that artsd and nautilus were both holding onto the filesystem: I have no idea why artsd was doing that, but a kill -9 took care of that. That left Nautilus, and I couldn't, for the life of me, find a Nautilus window that was open into that filesystem, although I can't prove that one didn't exist. It seems to me that if you try to unmount something in Nautilus, Nautilus could be smart enough to close any windows you have open in the filesystem. kill -9 fixed the problem and let me do a manual unmount; Nautilus came back automatically, but I pity the poor newbie who doesn't know how to use lsof, kill and other useful command line tools.
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