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Re: [LONG] On the 96dpi Fedora/GNOME setting

Callum Lerwick wrote:

CSS shows how to do it. We need to be able to specify padding and widget
sizes in device independent units like ems, points, inches and/or
centimeters. There was some rumbling about adapting GTK to do something
this, I don't know if anything's come of it yet.

Not really sure why this thread is not on a Gnome list, but.

The important piece to notice here is that you don't want to scale the UI by tweaking dots per inch. You want to scale it by tweaking dots per degree of arc. The DPI measurement coming out of the X server is a (educated) guess at the physical properties of the screen, it's inappropriate to abuse it for font scaling. The only reason you want to know about DPI during font rendering is so you can optimize antialiasing to best fit the glyph to the device.

- ajax

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