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Re: mirrorlist cgi - legit repo= values?

seth vidal wrote:
 Over the last couple of weeks we've put together a mirror checking tool
and a cgi that will verify the currency of the mirrorlist. Then it will
generate lists per-country based on geoip country codes as well as a
global mirror list.
name=Fedora Core - Development

and for extras:

name=Fedora Extras - Development Tree
I have tried this on an FC5 + nearly up2date machine, and with the "correct" repo=, it produced a useful mirrorlist and went ahead and updated both core and extras OK.



Would it make sense for the repo= to be the repo name, and encode the version eg 1..whatever + rawhide as version=$releasever ?

Also when yum reads the .repo, could it use the name from either x.repo or the repos defined internally as [extras-debuginfo] etc as a $variable ?

David Timms.

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