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Re: Intel 945GM chip on Dell D620

On Wed, 2006-07-19 at 09:18 +0100, Peter Robinson wrote:

> > I downgraded to the driver from FC6T1 and that manages to start in the
> > 1440x900 resolution and work. But as soon as i try to logout it hangs my
> > machine hard.
> >
> > Would things like logfiles be helpful here , or should i take this the
> > the Xorg list ? In the last case, what is the exact sourcecode version
> > of the latest i810 driver in rawhide ?
> Its a known issue, add some details to the bug in bugzilla. I'm using
> the one in T1 too, there have been some updates to the modesetting
> branch in the X git repo but I haven't had a chance to try and compile
> it to see if it fixes it, I think there'll be another update to the
> driver over the weekend.

Ok than i will wait a bit and see what the next driver is like. In the
mean time I can try to get audio, fingerprint reader, smartcard reader,
suspend to ram/disk working, enough to do ;-)

- Erwin

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