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Re: rawhide report: 20060719 changes

David Nielsen wrote:
ons, 19 07 2006 kl. 06:11 -0400, skrev buildsys redhat com:
New package compiz
	OpenGL window and compositing manager

Oh that's great news, I no longer have to compile this from the

However I am unable to make xv work when running compiz for some reason.
I'm using the r300 driver in case it matters. This means that gstreamer
has to be set to No XV for totem to display videos and this is
dreadfully slow.

Yes, Xv and direct rendering OpenGL are the two big feature regressions that prevents us from pushing the composited desktop for real. As it is shipped in rawhide, compiz is still considered a "tech-preview", and requires that the user explicitly enable it. We do plan to make it easier to switch between compiz and metacity on the fly, so you can switch to metacity for watching a video and switch back when done.


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