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some help with firefox-gnome-support

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Hi there,

I'm a community member of the Ubuntu project. Ubuntu has a really
annoying usability bug with Firefox, and someone told me that Fedora
have solved it, so I'd really love it if someone can help point me
towards the solution.

The bug is that the Firefox "open with" dialogue, when you click on
"Other..." opens a file chooser, from which the user has to browse to
/usr/bin/whatever in order to select the application required. Instead,
it should open the Gnome application chooser.

So, it shows [1], but should show [2].

[1] http://mdke.org/tmp/file-chooser.png
[2] http://mdke.org/tmp/application-chooser.png

I'm told that this bug isn't present in Fedora. Does anyone know what
the patch is (I think the bug should be fixed in firefox-gnome-support)
which will solve this problem? I am not a coder, I would just love to be
able to show a patch to the Ubuntu firefox maintainer and get the bug fixed.

Thanks in advance for any help you can give me, and please excuse me if
I've chosen the wrong mailing list, and point me towards the correct one!!

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