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Re: diet for evolution

David Nielsen wrote:
fre, 21 07 2006 kl. 22:17 -0700, skrev Otto Rey:
Well, i think that evolution have one or more memory leaks, because
more time you have running, more memory it seems to eat. But it's
true: if you don't use calendar and the other addtional stuff, you
don't need evlotuion, or, if you want, you can turn off several
Addtional to memory launch, evolution-connector for M$ Exchange
sucks... it's almost always broken... or half-broken... With some
updates, it's looks like solid but with the next update, it's crash
Whatever... i will profile evolution to see if i found a memory

I think the problem with Evolutions memory use is largely fragmentation
not leaking.

I'd like to mention that the default Evolution setup in FC loads the
Spamassassin plugin which on my machine at least takes up 80megs of
memory, replacing that with the bogofilter plugin turned out to be a
good decision - I blogged a bit about that adventure*

Maybe we can get that plugin upstream as the default for great savings,
running a daemon for spam training is probably a tad overkill anyways.

* http://lovesunix.net/blog/?p=102

If you think this is a good default solution, would you mind getting this filed a RFE in Red Hat bugzilla? The evolution maintainer probably needs to look at this.


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