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Re: Anyone interested in maintaining 'freeglut' in Fedora Extras?

Michael J. Knox wrote:
Mike A. Harris wrote:
There is no longer anything in Core which links to glut/freeglut,
however there seems to be packages in Fedora Extras which do.

Anyone interested in maintaining freeglut in Extras?  It's relatively
low maintenance - more or less because they only release a new version
once every 18 years, so not much to do.  It gets very very few bug
reports too (Only 2 or 3 in 3-4 years).

If anyone's interested, please email me back.

Hey Mike, as mentioned in IRC, I will do it.. if no one else wants it.

It turns out that my dependency scan missed a dep.  The 'glxinfo' and
'glx-gears' utilities both link to libglut.  These utils are part of
the MesaDemos sub-tarball which is built as part of the mesa package.

It would be nice to rid Core of dependencies on glut, but unfortunately
while glx-gears is something that could arguably be moved to Extras as
being non-essential, glxinfo is a diagnostic utility which should be
provided by the Core OS.  As such, for the time being at least, we will
continue to ship freeglut, glxinfo, and glx-gears in Fedora Core.

Package maintainers are however strongly encouraged to NOT link noncritical apps in Core to glut or freeglut libs in Core packages as
we would like to move glut to Extras sometime in the future anyway.
This doesn't affect any apps in Extras though, just Core.

Thanks guys,

Mike A. Harris  *  Open Source Advocate  *  http://mharris.ca
                      Proud Canadian.

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