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Re: Anyone interested in maintaining 'freeglut' in Fedora Extras?

On Tue, 2006-07-25 at 03:25 -0400, Mike A. Harris wrote:
> Michael J. Knox wrote:
> > Mike A. Harris wrote:
> >> There is no longer anything in Core which links to glut/freeglut,
> >> however there seems to be packages in Fedora Extras which do.
> >>
> >> Anyone interested in maintaining freeglut in Extras?  It's relatively
> >> low maintenance - more or less because they only release a new version
> >> once every 18 years, so not much to do.  It gets very very few bug
> >> reports too (Only 2 or 3 in 3-4 years).
> >>
> >> If anyone's interested, please email me back.
> > 
> > Hey Mike, as mentioned in IRC, I will do it.. if no one else wants it.
> It turns out that my dependency scan missed a dep.  The 'glxinfo' and
> 'glx-gears' utilities both link to libglut.  These utils are part of
> the MesaDemos sub-tarball which is built as part of the mesa package.
> It would be nice to rid Core of dependencies on glut, but unfortunately
> while glx-gears is something that could arguably be moved to Extras as
> being non-essential, glxinfo is a diagnostic utility which should be
> provided by the Core OS.  As such, for the time being at least, we will
> continue to ship freeglut, glxinfo, and glx-gears in Fedora Core.
> Package maintainers are however strongly encouraged to NOT link 
> noncritical apps in Core to glut or freeglut libs in Core packages as
> we would like to move glut to Extras sometime in the future anyway.
> This doesn't affect any apps in Extras though, just Core.

Good news!

$ ldd -r -u /usr/bin/glx*
Unused direct dependencies:
Unused direct dependencies:

The dependency looks to be purely a linking error.
Nicholas Miell <nmiell comcast net>

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