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Re: Pull off AIGLX repoistory?

Dennis Jacobfeuerborn wrote:
Mike A. Harris wrote:
Leon wrote:
Rahul <sundaram fedoraproject org> writes:


The AIGLX repository
 is probably not going to be updated anymore as it has been merged
with Xorg 7.1. It is going to be confusing to continue having obsolete
software. Can we pull it off? I will update the rendering project wiki


What about people using FC5? Any plan to update the xorg in FC5 to 7.1?

Yes, we are planning on releasing Xorg 7.1 as an FC5 update, however
there is no specific timeframe planned.  Once 7.1 has achieved what we
consider to be adequate testing, and we feel that the majority of the
worst bugs/regressions are worked out, we'll then be ready to consider
doing an update.  After that, we just need to schedule the time to
actually rebuild the packages and make any FC5 specific tweaks that
may be needed.

So just sit back and wait, and eventually 7.1 should come out for FC5.

Since the 7.1 release isn't compatible with the current proprietary drivers of both NVidia and ATI shouldn't this at least wait until compatible versions are released? Breaking support for these drivers doesn't sound right for a released version that is considered stable.

The opposite of what you suggest is actually better for people who
_do_ use those 3rd party proprietary drivers.  The sooner Fedora ships
X.Org 7.1 to a massive number of users out there, the sooner those
massive number of users start using it, and if the proprietary drivers
do not work with it, then those users will flood Nvidia/ATI/whoever's
web forums, bug trackers with tonnes of problem reports, issues, etc.

Proprietary vendors tend to allocate resources based upon supply and
demand, as that is what drives their economic forecasts.  When the
demand for something crosses a given threshhold, the vendor kicks into

In the ideal situation, there wouldn't be any proprietary drivers.
Second to that however, would be vendors supporting new X releases
immediately, as soon as X.Org releases them, perhaps even beta releasing
their drivers for the X betas.

Unfortunately, the ideal situation is not the real-world situation.
Once Fedora provides them with the "demand", you can mark my words that
within a few weeks or so they'll provide the users with "supply".

Fedora does not support proprietary drivers at all, and never has, nor
has any Red Hat OS that preceded it.  Our OS products are not held
hostage to the release schedule whims of 3rd party proprietary driver

Part of the decision of choosing proprietary software, is making a
concious decision that you are held hostage by the vendor of that
software to provide you with support for it.  That unfortunate
limitation should not expand to encompass all users of open source
software.  If that happens, everyone loses.

As long as I have the ability to do so, I pledge to do my part to make
sure proprietary software of _ANY_ kind, drivers or otherwise, does
not hold open source software users hostage or delay or restrict
open source software promulgation.

I kindof feel like staying up all night tonight now, and releasing 7.1
for FC5 on Wednesday.

Mike A. Harris  *  Open Source Advocate  *  http://mharris.ca
                      Proud Canadian.

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