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Re: Pull off AIGLX repoistory?

Cam wrote:

Since the 7.1 release isn't compatible with the current proprietary drivers of both NVidia and ATI shouldn't this at least wait until compatible versions are released? Breaking support for these drivers doesn't sound right for a released version that is considered stable.

Is there support for proprietary drivers /at all/ ? ;-)

Depends who you are I suppose.  The hardware vendors do not generally
provide direct one on one support to individual consumers.  If you are
a big corporation with a support contract, or if you purchase a large
enough volume of hardware from a given hardware vendor, then you may
be able to get direct support from a given vendor.

The word "support" is quite overloaded a term nowadays however, and
means very different things to different people.  It also means
quite different things depending on how exactly it is used in speech.

"Foo supports bar" might actually mean that the foo project has enabled
the ability for people to be able to use bar if desired.  Someone
reading or hearing "Foo supports bar" might take that to mean that the
developers of foo will receive incoming email/IRC/bug reports and work
hand in hand with someone who has a problem until the problem is
resolved.  Or it might mean that people who use foo think that they
can telephone the people who make foo to seek technical support.

Another confusing definition of "support", is "contains code which
in theory may work, but in reality may or may not work".  That is one
which is very often confused by the people using said code to think that
it means direct technical support and assistance will be provided
for the given thing.

The term is horrendous and should be banned from the English language,
and be replaced by entire paragraphs of text which describe in detail
what one really means using deep legal terminology which leaves no
room for incorrect interpretation.  ;o)

Or in short: no.


Mike A. Harris  *  Open Source Advocate  *  http://mharris.ca
                      Proud Canadian.

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