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Re: Pull off AIGLX repoistory?

On Wed, 2006-07-26 at 11:19 -0700, alan wrote:
> If you are going to break things you need to at least give me a couple of 
> options that will work.  So far, the mantra of "use an opensource driver" 
> does not cut it for most every use out there.

You're bringing up a point that you didn't intend as well.  I was unable
to use the open source ati drivers that shipped with FC5 final.  Through
the magic of X updates, I now have the basics working.  I'm anxiously
awaiting future X updates which include further ati driver fixes and
enhancements so more features of my card will work.

The open source drivers are part of Fedora.  The closed source drivers
are not.  If Fedora is trying to improve their product, they _should_ be
shipping updates to the open source driver.  Since the updates are on
the X.org 7.1 branch, not the 7.0 branch, they need to ship that in
order to make that happen.  If the closed source driver developers want
to compete with the open source drivers they need to watch the
development of the OS they're targeting and realize the switch to
Xorg-7.1 is inevitable.  A truly competitive company will already have
the code ported, waiting to surprise the rival manufacturers with their
driver update the moment it becomes an issue to their end-users.


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