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Re: Pull off AIGLX repoistory?

Rahul wrote:
Denis Leroy wrote:

This goes beyond binary-only drivers. What if you were using FC-5 as a major development platform for your own Xorg-based application (or gnome, or kde), then an FC-5 update breaks your code in a major way...

Which X,GNOME or KDE application breaks in a Xorg update?

This was just a general example. I think if you stay within a Fedora release, there is an expectation of stability wrt major components, such as Gnome, KDE or Xorg. If i'm not mistaken, each Fedora release is closely tied to a specific Gnome version. This is some sort of "unwritten rule", or maybe simply for practical reasons. But should the same rule apply to Xorg ?

Now the point about Fedora not being RHEL is well taken. But RHEL is not free (as in beer), nor is it targeted at desktop users, nor does it involve community support from something like Extras, so to me it's really something different.


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