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Re: [PATCH] set CONFIG_NUMA on PAE kernel, i686 only.

ons, 26 07 2006 kl. 09:52 -0400, skrev Konrad Rzeszutek:

> > 
> > but how is that type of customer relevant for FC6 ?
> FC6 will transition to RHEL5. So this is a perfect place to make sure
> this is technically feasible and does not break non-IBM hardware.

I resent the notion that Fedora is a RHEL beta, if this is required for
some future derived distro of Fedora then they can make the change
themselves unless it has a clear benefit for Fedora.

We need to shake the misinformed opinion that Fedora is just a testing
ground for RHEL, it is no more a testing ground for RHEL than say Gentoo
is - we all test software, shake out the bugs, and everybody benefits
from changes. The fact that Red Hat can derive a product from Fedora is
of little importance for us, it's only of importance to Red Hat (we all
love Red Hat though, they have been very generous to the free software

So this comes down to, does this benefit Fedora? - it's the only
question we need to ask.

I don't know about everyone else, but I'm a member of the Fedora
community not the RHEL beta program.

- David Nielsen

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