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Re: Pull off AIGLX repoistory?

ons, 26 07 2006 kl. 16:10 +0200, skrev Dennis Jacobfeuerborn:

> PS: The irony that most of the good stuff added in recent iterations of X 
> can only be enjoyed using the proprietary drivers by a lot of people does 
> not escape me and given the eventual demise of older chips (like eg 
> r100/r200) and the complete lack of documentation for newer chips (like the 
> r500 series) will only make this situation worse.

It works just fine here using only free software, I would rather have an
entirely free system that can be fixed than being locked down to
whatever technology criminals thinks I should be using without a chance
of fixing it when it breaks.

What are we going to do the day there's a major security bug and fixing
it means breaking some binary drivers.. block it?

We will only get specs and free drivers if we stand up in mass and
punish nvidia (and their fellow thugs ATI) the only way they understand.
Stop buying their hardware and tell them why. nVidia claims that there's
no demand from their customers for open drivers and that we wouldn't
benefit from seeing the source as it's complicated - I think this means
they think we are stupid or that they are embarrassed at the quality of
their code.

nVidia makes a living selling you a new videocard every what 18 months,
not selling you software, it's not like their driver is worth anything
without the card. Having it work out of the box with the fastest growing
OS in the world is beneficial to nVidia and to their customers. Let's
make them see that.

- David Nielsen

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