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Re: Pull off AIGLX repoistory?

On Wed, 26 Jul 2006 22:44:46 -0300
Jean-Rene Cormier <jrc jrcormier com> wrote:

> The only problem is that most of those users will learn that they HAD to
> add an exclude to their yum config after it's too late...

Well, it's only one solution, but yeah I hear what you're saying.  The thing
is none of this should come as a surprise to _anyone_.  If it is a surprise
we're not doing a good enough job communicating the tradeoffs of using
> What would be ideal (maybe not ideal but I think it's an idea towards
> that) is a flag to prevent automatic updates of certain packages (in
> this case Xorg) so people would have to do the update manually and if
> possible with some sort of warning when you want to update it.

Such a flag already exists, it's the yum exclude feature.  The 3rd party
repos that install binary-drivers could configure their rpms to set this
for their users automatically.
> It's a little more trouble for people who aren't using binary drivers to
> get the update but at least the Fedora Users list wouldn't get flooded
> by angry users because an update broke something.

Any anger they show towards Fedora would be misplaced, they should understand
the rules of the game.  If someone does get angry it'll be another opportunity
to explain how things need to work to be fair to everyone.  Hopefully they'll
be able to respect the needs of the users that don't use binary drivers.


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