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Re: [PATCH] set CONFIG_NUMA on PAE kernel, i686 only.

ons, 26 07 2006 kl. 21:37 -0500, skrev Chris Adams:
> Once upon a time, David Nielsen <david lovesunix net> said:
> > I resent the notion that Fedora is a RHEL beta, if this is required for
> > some future derived distro of Fedora then they can make the change
> > themselves unless it has a clear benefit for Fedora.
> Objectives of Fedora Core:
> 13. Form the basis of Red Hat's commercially supported operating system
>     products.
> http://fedora.redhat.com/about/objectives.html

Is this official, I don't honestly get why this is an objective for
Fedora - not that we should make it hard to derive distros from Fedora
but to single out Red Hat is inviting those RHEL beta comments we've
been fighting so hard.

I've seen Rahul and others fight this very hard around the web, OSNews
being a primary source of many of those kinds of comments. So having
language like that on what appears as official documentation is just
feeding trolls in an unnecessary manner and does hurt the project. I
don't really see what Red Hat would gain from such a statement either,
it's not like changing it to be more neutral would lessen their
influence on the direction of the project. They are after all currently
half the board and most of the developers.

Not that it exactly reads out as "be the RHEL beta" unless you are
already looking for that kind of wording. It is however a but
unfortunate on the whole.

How about changing it to e.g.:

13. Form the basis for derived distributions

This would also cover OLPC and the many other project that rely on
Fedora as a base. We are versetile project and we should encourage as
many vendors as are willing to work with us to buy in, not just Red Hat,
so long as they can build their products on Fedora I expect they are
happy for any help and testing anyone can provide as would anyone.

- David Nielsen

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