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Re: [PATCH] set CONFIG_NUMA on PAE kernel, i686 only.

David Nielsen wrote:
ons, 26 07 2006 kl. 21:37 -0500, skrev Chris Adams:
Once upon a time, David Nielsen <david lovesunix net> said:
I resent the notion that Fedora is a RHEL beta, if this is required for
some future derived distro of Fedora then they can make the change
themselves unless it has a clear benefit for Fedora.
Objectives of Fedora Core:

13. Form the basis of Red Hat's commercially supported operating system


Is this official, I don't honestly get why this is an objective for
Fedora - not that we should make it hard to derive distros from Fedora
but to single out Red Hat is inviting those RHEL beta comments we've
been fighting so hard.

NOTE: This is old outdated page not linked from the site anymore. We need to get rid of all such pages. What you are seeing is a bug.



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