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Re: Fedora's intended target audience?

Hans de Goede wrote:

Rahul wrote:
Anyway, I hope the objectives page
(http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Objectives) answers you on your question
regarding target audience. Its fluid but I dont think we need to
restrict our definitions too much.

The name of that page describes perfectly what it is a list of
Objectives. A good list, which with I can fully agree, but it doesn't
properly define our target audience. The closest to a target audience
definition I can find on this page is: "built for and by a community"

Which I find a rather narrow definition, so people who do not contribute
are not part of our target audience? Them I'm most definetly putting
large amounts of time into the wrong distro.

Your are excluding users as not part of the Fedora community. If you look at the complete sentence, this becomes more clear. It is meant as a encouragement for others to contribute better.

"Create a complete general-purpose operating system with capabilities equivalent to competing operating systems, built for and by a community — those who not only consume, but also produce for the good of other community members."

We didnt say for the contributors by the contributors. I am not sure how to define better the target audience for a open source project other than telling them what our goals are letting users decide for themselves whether the goals fit into their needs.

I havent seen such target audience definitions for community distributions before. I think the idea of target audience fits better into commercial products. Perhaps you can write a draft and help.


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