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Re: Fedora's intended target audience?

Hans de Goede wrote:

As said before I only own radeon 9200 cards, so do all the people who I
give Linux support around me. So this is not about all user but me at
all. Wasn't it Linus who said that regressions where not acceptable,
even if the patch causing the regression was a big boon for other users?
I agree with Linus on this, breaking things for a group of users,
because this helps other users is IMO not the way forward.

If we are going to start quoting Linus as the guide,


" Basically, I want people to know that when they use binary-only modules, it's THEIR problem. I want people to know that in their bones, and I want it shouted out from the rooftops. I want people to wake up in a cold sweat every once in a while if they use binary-only modules."

And here we still are hammering on the Xorg 7.1 example, which is just
that an example!

Here is another one, why ooo why, does inserting a ptp camera still not
work as non root? We had a big rouse about this on the list around
FC5testX or was it around FC4 release. I don't remember. Still this is
not fixed, which is very user unfriendly.

Is there a bug report?

That is what this thread is supposed to be about userfriendly ness, not
about to Xorg 7.1 or not to Xorg 7.1 .

Currently there seems to be an attitude that breaking stuff while going
forward is ok, which is very user unfriendly and scares away users ( ==
future contributers) to other Distro's and even to other OS's

We are having no such attitude. If we are breaking anything we ship on updates, we should try and avoid that. Some regressions are inevitable but those arent a problem of attitude.


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