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Re: Pull off AIGLX repoistory?

Dnia 27-07-2006, czw o godzinie 15:09 +0200, David Nielsen napisał(a):
> The only thing separating nvidia and a lawsuit is that they don't ship
> the module linked to the kernel, they make you do the actual law
> breaking.
What do you mean by "linked"? Last time I checked, every individual
downloading their driver from the official page had to download bunch of
precompiled kernel modules (including many for Fedora, up to version 3,
even if 5 was available 1 or 2 months prior to their latest release).
Aren't they (dynamically) linked to the kernel?

Besides, doesn't the law make one liable if he makes someone else do
something illegal unwillingly? Personally I had no idea I was doing
anything wrong, as their page didn't say anything about it.

So, if so many people say it's so illegal, why is it still happening?

Hey, when I think about it, isn't Fedora contributing to the
law-breaking by providing Xorg which allows to do so and consciously not
providing the version which doesn't, because some users feel bad about
it? What is this list then, an organized crime forum? :)

It's silly calling the nv driver "not crippled" in 2006, when we're
aiming at making compiz the default desktop. Nouveau is nowhere near
"working" and there's a good reason - the closed nvidia driver is really
good (and always has been). ATI customers were always in the worse
position, but that pushed them to work on the FOSS drivers. Ironic.

Still, even if it's legal to use NVIDIA proprietary driver, don't
hesitate with the Xorg update, they'll make the driver for me, they
always do. It's their job, not Fedora's, since they wanted it that way.
I can't complain, they were doing it years before ATI and they are still
doing it better. I strongly hope they will see some day why I and many
others bought so many of their chips and make us even happier with truly
open drivers, but OTOH, how can they see the benefits of opening
anything, when we're looking back at them instead of going forward and
saying "open driver would be fixed already"?

I'll finish with a question. I plan upgrading my PC this year. I'll be
glad to vote for FOSS with my money, as we capitalists do. Can anyone
tell me if it's possible to play (and I mean play, not watch stills)
Doom 3 using only FOSS drivers? Which ones?


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