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Re: Pull off AIGLX repoistory?

tor, 27 07 2006 kl. 18:26 +0200, skrev Leszek Matok:

> I'll finish with a question. I plan upgrading my PC this year. I'll be
> glad to vote for FOSS with my money, as we capitalists do. Can anyone
> tell me if it's possible to play (and I mean play, not watch stills)
> Doom 3 using only FOSS drivers? Which ones?

The internets Hubert Figuiere reported that Intel will offer day 0 open
source support for their hardware recently as part of his OLS reports.
However I haven't seen any press releases on this so the details are

Any ATI card in the r300 and r400 series are well supported under X.org
now, but please let ATI know why you bought one of those cards if that's
your choice since those drivers are the product of reverse engineering
and not cooperation.

As for playing Doom3, I guess your best bet is the top of the line ATI
r400 card but check with X.org/Meas at the time you plan to go buy a
card since the drivers improve all the time and 6 months from now the
situation might change.

Avoid nvidia entirely and ATI post r400 (> X600 if I'm not mistaken).
Dave Arlie has a 2d driver for r500 cards but ATI has yet to review it
and he is under NDA, hopefully over the coming year it would mean better
support.. basically, bug ATI if you want this.

I promise I'll research this periodically and post updates on the driver
support in my blog, which incidentally can be found at
http://www.lovesunix.net/blog/ or as part of the Fedora People blogs at

Please don't laugh at my face, I know it's ugly but I voided the

- David Nielsen

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