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Re: Fedora's intended target audience?

Dnia 27-07-2006, czw o godzinie 21:31 +0200, Dennis Jacobfeuerborn
> > the 7.1 update adds a lot better support for radeon and for Intel video
> > and even 2D nvidia...
> Users who want this support are free to upgrade to FC6 once it's released. 
> That's how new features are usually introduced, in new releases not in past 
> ones.
So you're saying "better support for hardware" is "new features"? For
me, until the hardware support is "full", making it better is "bug

In any case, are you really saying that after releasing a "release" of
an OS, the authors should stop providing updates if they can possibly
introduce any new feature? :) I don't know any vendor doing that, but
instead, you're free to not update your system (or go for some "from
scratch" system and once you install it, spend the whole time
backporting the fixes to your version, good luck!)


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