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RE: Fedora's intended target audience?

Please someone buy this man a beer for voicing what I imaging a lot of us
are thinking, and I thoroughly agree with

For the record I'll be the LAST man to stand against progress, I run rawhide
almost fulltime on all my machines, love to contribute where I can and time
allows, have been a Red Hat user since 4.something if I remember correctly.
So no I'm an avid fan of progress and development of the platform!

However to take away the -choice- of upgrading to a new platform from the
(assumingly) unsuspecting users of Fedora, is something that rubs me the
wrong way.

If their better served by Xorg 7.1 (which by all accounts I hear a lot might
be), then download Fedora Core test2 and give it a spin! This is where they
expect the new developments and releases to take place, not sneaked thru in
some updates

I thought Linux was all about choice .. so why are we arguing about taking
away this choice?

... I'm puzzled ...

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Users who want this support are free to upgrade to FC6 once it's released. 
That's how new features are usually introduced, in new releases not in past 


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